Whether you are doing a small load of jeans and T's or a houseful of comforters and towels, we've got you covered.  Here are some of the equipment options available:

Small loads

These machines are great for routine personal laundry needs.

Medium loads

The 30 and 40 lb washers are great for larger loads or for getting your job done really quickly.  The extra fast spin cycles "extract" most of the water from the cleaned load, which can really shorten the dry time that is needed.  

Large Loads

The 60 lb washer excels at special jobs like bath mats, sleeping bags or a household full of towels and sheets. 



We have multiple dryer models.  All accept roughly 30 lbs of laundry and run in 5 minute increments.  Total required drying time will depend on a number of factors, but a reasonable estimate is 30-40 minutes for a full 30 lb load.


It's not rocket science, but doing your laundry in a new place can require a little assistance.  Check out our tips and tricks page for some information on how to get the most out of your laundry experience.