There is a long history of a laundry facility operating at 469 Magnolia Ave.  The first known laundry business at 469 Magnolia was started some time before 1953. As displayed in the 1953 poster created by Hubbard Advertising Agency the Larkspur Self Service Laundry already existed at 469 Magnolia Avenue.

In 1972 Pat Horn, a well known businessman from Greenbrae bought the laundry at this location from Walter Blair. At that time the name was Carousel Laundry and Horn kept that name. The “wash and fold” part of the business was at 469 Magnolia.

The “finished shirt and pant ” part of the business was in the rear at what is now 469A Magnolia and occupied as an office for interior design. Horn was also an agent for dry cleaning, Clothes were taken in at this location, with the cleaning done by Orchid Cleaners in Sausalito. Upstairs from Carousel Laundry was the repair shop for all the equipment used in the Horn businesses.

Horn sold the laundry business in 1985. Soon thereafter Peter Di Francesca bought the entire real property at this location from Horn. When the buyer of the Carousel Laundry business died in the late 1980s Peter turned the laundry into a coin-op.

In 1994 Mike Barbagelata, a Mill Valley resident, took over the business from DiFrancesca which was by then called Spin Out Coin laundry. Mike operated the laundry until 2009 when he decided to cease operation.  

I Do Laundry was established at 469 Magnolia Avenue in February 2009. The business was started by Bill Howard, who is also the owner of the Magnolia Center facility.  Bill is a long time Larkspur resident, former Mayor, and he is very involved in numerous city causes.  He acquired I Do Laundry to provide a clean, cozy and competitively priced laundromat in Larkspur. iDoLaundry is dedicated to the idea that a self service laundry can be, and should be, a comfortable, pleasant and safe place to do laundry.

In 2014, Bill acquired the Larkspur Laundromat, located in Larkspur Square (also know as Lucky Shopping Center).  He named the business I Do Laundry Too and has worked tirelessly to deliver the same great customer experience at this store as at the original.