Washer Operation

  1. Read the instructions!  Carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction plate that is posted on any machine.  These important operating procedures are posted in a visible place usually near the coin drop of the machine.

  2. Balance the load.  Avoid mixing large water absorbing items (ie: bath mats, comforters, sleeping bags, quilts, etc) with regular clothing items. The machine will not be able to properly balance and will not go into the final high speed spin. This will result in a sopping wet load.

  3. Soap pods with clothes.  New dissolvable soap pods should not be placed in soap dispensers.  They won't dissolve properly.  Put soap pods directly in the cylinder with your laundry items.

Dryer Operation

The 3 main dryer problems relate to coin jams, temperature selection buttons, and starting the dry cycle.

  1. Coin Jams.  See below.

  2. Selection buttons. Sometimes the selection buttons for drying temperature stuck.  This is usually just friction between the face plate and the buttons.  Usually wiggling the button will free up the button.

  3. Door not closed.  If the dryer does not start when you push the red start button check to be sure the door is fully closed.  If the door is not closed the machine will not start.

Coin Slots

The biggest single source of problems with the equipment is coin jams.  To avoid coin jams follow a few simple rules.

  1. Take your time. Wait to hear the beep and/or coin drop before inserting the next coin.  Be sure the slide is fully pushed forward and then fully returned to the starting position before adding another set of coins. 
  2. NO damaged coins. Also bent or damaged coins are almost always a problem.
  3. NO foreign coins.  Many coin jams result from coins that may appear to be the size of a quarter but foreign coins can, and do, cause many jams. 


Malfunctions do happen occasionally.  If you have a problem and want to request a refund, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out a red and white refund card.
  2. Put the top portion on the machine and deposit the bottom portion into the suggestion/comment box.
  3. We'll get back to you with the refund... and we'll fix the machine.

Or you can click the button here to send us an electronic request.

Laundry Best Practices

  1. Read the instructions!  Observe garment manufacturer’s instructions for proper care. The manufacturer’s care instructions are your best guide for cleaning your garment. If in doubt read the instructions.

  2. Detergent. Be sure to use the amount that is recommended by the soap manufacturer on the container of the product. Most people use too much detergent. This is not good for the clothes, the equipment or the environment.

  3. Separate colors and whites. Mixing white and dark colors in the same washer should be avoided to keep the whites white. 

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